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Hipush now supports Opera

Our customers now can send Web Notifications Web to their Opera users.

Notification Automation based on your new published content

Breaking news sent as Notifications cannot wait and should not imply an additional task for Publishers. That's why we'll automatically discover your new Web Content and optimize it for the Notification format. This feature is part of our Enterprise Plan.

Businesse Case : Hipush Web Notification integrated to your DMP.

For a worldwide retail company, Hipush has built a 2-way preferences center for their card holders : their customers can select the topics the have interest in (private sales, new items, special events) and the way they want to get contacted (Mail, SMS, Web Notification). Hipush software read the DMP stored preferences in real-time when the customers access the page, and store whatever change has been done by the customer.

Know your audience

Since Hipush can track the web activity of your subscribers (a feature named "Behavioural Segmentation), you can easily target your audience based on the repeated visit (or lackoff) of your website or a specific page within. A basic example would be to notify those who did not visit your website for 30 days.

Microsoft has started developpement for the Web Notifications support

According to a post on their blog, Web Notifications should be avaiblable in the next release of Edge.

Hipush let you embbed custom action buttons in your notifications

With a choice of zero to two buttons per notification, you can interact with you audience, should the button open a new page or not... ("Like" is a perfect example)

Opera about to support Web Notifications

Desktop Notification are alreay supported but are much less powerful than Web Notification because you need to visit the website to receive them. Hipush will be ready on day 1, as usual...

Adjust how long your notification will stay on the screen of your audience

By default, notification stay as long as theyre are not clicked. Howerver you can alose choose to make them disappear after 20 seconds. That can be interesting when you wish to send several notifications per day, without annoying anyone.

Firefox is in !

Hipush supports Firefox starting today.

Some lesssons learned in 2015

Many say exploration is part of our destiny, but it’s actually our duty to future generations.

Let your users take control for better efficiency

People are different. Some may like frequent web notification, others only a few from time to time. What type content do they like ? The best way to know is to ask them : Hipush provides (and hosts if needed) your notifications preference centers, which can be customized to your branding. This feature is part of our Enterprise Plan.